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Let's Tell the World Your Story...

Do you have a story that needs telling? If so, I’ll turn it into a dazzling book for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You’ll be a published author because your name—and only your name—will be on the front cover. And you’ll keep all the royalties and all the rights—movie, television, theater, serial, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and copyrights. If you need a ghostwriting service for any book, you’ve come to the “write” place.


Here are but a few examples of the books I write and publish:

Memoirs, Life Stories, and Autobiographies 

These books are very popular. Your life experiences can teach all of us lessons you’ve learned from obstacles you’ve overcome. Let me capture your life in full color and produce a thrilling, marketable, and memorable book. I’m an expert memoir and autobiography book writer. Don’t take your story to heaven. Leave it here on earth for us to enjoy.


Business Biography

You’ve built and successfully run a company. Your journey through the long and winding road from nothing to something is a story that needs to be told. I can help you tell it. Entrepreneurs and business executives trust me to weave their story into a captivating and marketable novel while protecting their private information. I sign confidentiality agreements and pass security background checks that other ghostwriters cannot. I also adapt to my client’s busy schedule. And my finished books are excellent marketing and branding tools.

Family History 

Texas families have rugged and exciting histories. From ranching to farming to oil and gas, Texas has produced more successful families than any other state. I can put together a sweeping saga to be sold in the current book market. Or it can be kept private as a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation.


Fiction Novel 

Many of my clients have an incredible and compelling story in mind, but they need a push to get it down on paper. As a professional ghostwriter, I have written suspense thrillers, westerns, action and adventure, fantasy, historical, science fiction, mystery, and children’s books. You may need a professional writer to weave a colorful tapestry of characters, plot lines, and plot twists into your story. I will make it not only more readable but more marketable. And having a marketable novel that turns into a bestseller is what it’s all about.


Christian Books 

I love writing Christian books. Not only is it important to my faith, but spreading the good news is something every Christian is called to do.

Other Services 

Each book will be published as a paperback novel and an eBook that can be read on iPads, Kindles, and smartphones. You may want a hardback. If so, I can make that happen. When you visit with me, I’ll show you a dozen samples of hardbacks; some inexpensive and others that will blow you away! Also, I provide marketing services for your book if you don’t have your own public relations or marketing firm. From writing the entire book to publishing it to marketing the finished product, I have you covered.

I Write… You Get The Credit.

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