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The Reviews Are In!

New York Times

"Take your finger and dig into this story.  You'll need a tissue or two."

Washington Post

"A best seller it snot."

Dallas Morning News

"This book stayed with me until I wiped it on my mother-in-law's couch!"

author Michael Gray

Wall Street Journal

"Good or bad? No one nose how to pick this one."

Enjoy all your favorite characters

Booger Boo Boo

Digger Finger

Fred Flem

Tonya Tissue

Henry Handkerchief

And the unstoppable Madame Aachoo

98% discount

Wipe up the savings now!

Coming Summer 2021

Michael Gray continues his daring franchise with a Hollywood documentary that was waiting to be told...

"This story will stick with you like Booger Boo Boo did with some of Hollywood's biggest names."

Hollywood Reporter

April Fools, you fool!  Now flick this to someone else and gag them.

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